The South and ESDP – Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain

This discussion paper was produced in March 2007, within the framework of the project “Europe’s Global Responsibility”. The project is implemented jointly by the Bertelsmann Stiftung (Gutersloh, Germany) and the Bertelsmann Group for Policy Research at the Center for Applied Policy Research (Munich).

The project develops strategies to ameliorate the European Union’s capability as an external policy actor and the strategic cooperation of the Union with its partners. Major pillars of the project are Europe’s security and defence policy, constructive conflict management and transatlantic relations. Responsibility for the views expressed in the contributions lies exclusively with the authors.

This paper discusses positions and interests on ESDP of four states from the southern Europe: Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The specific situations and conditions in the four countries under scrutiny are discussed in detail in the subsequent country studies by Ioannis Parisis on Greece, Giovanni Gasparini on Italy, Laura C. Fereira-Pereira on Portugal, and Esther Barbe and Laia Mestres on Spain.

See the paper at:

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