«HERODOTUS» Summer Course 2016

Εικόνα2The ACADEMY for STRATEGIC ANALYSES (ASA) organizes:

«HERODOTUS» Summer Course 2016

«Greco-Persian Wars: Geopolitical & Strategic Approaches of the International System in the 5th c. BC»

August 28th to September 3rd, 2016

An interdisciplinary course that combines history, strategy, geopolitics, international relations, leadership and cultural studies.

A comprehensive examination of the 5th c. BC conflicts between the Greeks and the Persian Empire, in relation to the modern geostrategic environment of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Walk through the famous battlefields of Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis and Plataea along with ASAʼs team of experts and see for yourself where the most famous war of all time was fought.

Registrations until 15th June 2016

See more details and the Registration Form at the website of the Academy for Strategic Analyses: http://www.acastran.org/  or   http://summerschool.acastran.org/index.html

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